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Even though she was a bit tired, and more than a bit overwhelmed, Gwen entered the Hub on her second day of work with a certain amount of unexpected optimism.

Sure, she'd inadvertently unleashed a killer onto the streets of Cardiff but she'd sorted it, hadn't she? And the team had come out unscathed and that Captain Jack Harkness had seemed almost pleased with her. While she wouldn't exactly consider her first day a glowing success, it wasn't an absolute failure, either, she thought proudly.

At least, until she slid into her shiny, new work station and saw the note stuck to her computer screen. And her heart sunk a little, and she sighed.

Her mind reeled with all of the reasons Jack might want to see her so early on her first day. Perhaps he'd changed his mind, decided she wasn't a capable second in command. Worse, maybe he thought she wasn't a good fit for the team. Maybe he was just going to cut her loose, send her back to the police which was a horribly embarrassing thought, if not only for the conversation she'd had with Andy the day before.

Bollocks, she needed to call him. She'd do that later, if she remembered... Speaking of remembering, she'd need to avoid Ianto's coffee until after the meeting, in case the post-it was a scam and Jack intended to retcon her straight away.

Instead, Gwen spent her time coming up with justifications for anything Jack might say to her, and before long it was ten til ten, and she'd had quite enough of sitting around labouring over the meaning behind a sodding note. So with a resigned sigh, she plodded up to Jack's office and stood in the doorway, trying her best to not glower as she stared at him.

"You wanted to see me, Jack?"


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